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12 May 2016

Well, so (NØ) has a looooot to do !! Nevertheless, her imagination runs wild and is producing some funny little ideas that she is eager to share with you before they go away… Such as turning tiny stones into cactus… Yes, yes, sort of “stone-tus”… A sweet and funny DIY, if like (NØ), you don’t really have green fingers… Come…



6 April 2016

Let the sun shine… Let the sun shine !! Spring is here, (NØ) is so excited that she starts again to jump around in the living room (she is not allowed to jump on the bed…), to dance in the kitchen (tomato sauce can stain but that’s ok…) and sing at the top of her voice all the time (neighbors are…



13 February 2016

Mister (NØ) likes candies. To make him happy (Ha yes ? This is Valentine’s Day ?), (NØ) concoted him a customized candy box, the well-named “Sweet (Hum ! Or Not ! ) Box”. There is something for everyone, sugary,  salty candies (yes, you read correctly, but don’t tell anyone, he doesn’t know yet !), sour or soft, chewy or crunchy,…

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18 January 2016

Good New Year resolutions ? Oh yes ! With this new little blog project and because (NØ)‘s head is already full of little things, big stuff, medium thingummy and other creative joys, she decided to get organized… And she is thrilled to share her notebook with you ! A printable planner organized by month for bloggers but…

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( CALENDAR 2016 )

16 January 2016

(NØ) is often late because she is always too busy mingling with a bit of draught and pieces of clouds or because she gets a bit lost on the (various) fantastic paths that cross her imagination (and winter time does not help with all this fog… even on those roads…). So yes, (NØ)‘s 2016 calendar only happens to come…

Galette couronnée


6 January 2016

Long live the kings… Long live the queens… Oops… No-t (enough) crown(-s) within reach ? Come over here, (NØ) is building some (tiny) little crowns with a sprout of paper, a slice of twine, coloured sticky labels and a piece of (glitter) sun… Not so much for making younger, older and the clementines (read till the end and…

Flocons papier suspendus sur fond blanc


31 December 2015

*** To settle the lack of snow this Year, (NØ) has a solution to let your New Year’s Eve slip in a wintermood… DIY 3D Snowflakes, to offer your friends lacking the snow or to be used to “cool down” your New Year’s Eve decor table!! To make the paper snowflakes, you need : – Some…

Des cartes de voeux pour les fêtes de fin d'année


31 December 2015

Oooooh… (NØ) is late… And in a hurry for the traditional end of the year greetings, (NØ) offers you some wishcards you can customize !  Some small black&white drawings to colour or to glitter… To get started, download the greeting card templates here, print and cut them out (you will find A5 cards and doubled cards to fold) ……

Photo paquet cadeau blanc sur fond rouge

( WRAP ME #02 )

31 December 2015

Intended as a gift? Oh yes… But in a beautiful gift wrap ! Here is a simple idea you can varied according to your tastes, desires, mood, to customized a present… What you’ll need : Gifts !! Here is one of (NØ)‘s favorite book that she loves to share “The Great Animal Orchestra ” from Bernie Krause, an…

Rendu final de votre forêt!


31 December 2015

As in the pretty stories her mum was reading her short before Christmas, (NØ) wants to go for a walk in a large forest where she would find the perfect tree, huge enough to be able to put many gifts under, to bring back in the leaving room ! But she leaves in Paris and the living room…