Well, so (NØ) has a looooot to do !! Nevertheless, her imagination runs wild and is producing some funny little ideas that she is eager to share with you before they go away… Such as turning tiny stones into cactus… Yes, yes, sort of “stone-tus”… A sweet and funny DIY, if like (NØ), you don’t really have green fingers… Come and play “Hop o’ My Thumb” with her !!

  • To turn your stones into cactus, you need :

Material for decorating your stone cactus

– Some funny-looking stones to pick from the forest, along the stream or in a pretty garden…
– Paintbrushes.
– Some gouache in blue, yellow, green, ocher (if for you cactus must be green, if not, choose any color you fancy…)
– A gold or silver or white or black or whatever you want pencil.
– A plant pot with a stunted not-so-pretty-looking-anymore plant to be replaced.

  • Hop’on, it is quick and easy :

Cactus Steps for decorating your stone

1. Wash your stone and let it completely dry. Color paint the entire stone in green, blue, pink, few extra coat of paint might be necessary… Wait for the stone to dry before moving to the next step.
2. Using white or silver gouache, paint some little spots to make the illusion of cactus flowers.
3. With you glitter pencil, draw little crosses to create the sharp prickles !

Et voilà… Just need to plant. And best of all, you do not need to water the stone-tus…

Your nice and pretty cactus made of stone !

Tell us… Do you have green fingers ?

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