Month: February 2016

Slippers Header


25 February 2016

“Put on your slippers”… Who has never heard this sentence as a child? To tell you the truth, since then, (NØ) hates slippers and any other soft shoes with a passion… That is it… But… Sometimes her guests have (freezing) cold feet ! So (NØ) decided to make some cute fabric slippers just for them ! Have a look at how she…

Monaco Sea Sight


19 February 2016

There are days backwards shining. Arid blazes and wizened landscapes. Corrupted tenderness or paper propellers. Thunderbolts on the finger, muddy skies filaments. Upwards silver rockets and emasculated madder flowers. Hands full of fears or blue mornings in Vienna. Transparent Bohemian nights



13 February 2016

Mister (NØ) likes candies. To make him happy (Ha yes ? This is Valentine’s Day ?), (NØ) concoted him a customized candy box, the well-named “Sweet (Hum ! Or Not ! ) Box”. There is something for everyone, sugary,  salty candies (yes, you read correctly, but don’t tell anyone, he doesn’t know yet !), sour or soft, chewy or crunchy,…

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8 February 2016

Last Sunday, cloudy outside, cloudy inside, (NØ) was moaning… Hmm… So to spice up her afternoon, (NØ) decided to go the the art gallery and because she found it so exciting decided to share it with you! Les Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais programmed an exposition named “Picasso Mania”,

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2 February 2016

(NØ) has, of course, a lot of (bad) flaws… Amongst others, she is really gourmande and LOVES crêpes !! Fortunately, in France, once a year, we celebrate Candlemas (the well named Crêpe-Day!) so (NØ) shares with you her recipe for softy-tasty-clumsy crêpes ! You will need : 20cl Milk + 100gr Sugar + 300gr Flour…