Last Sunday, cloudy outside, cloudy inside, (NØ) was moaning… Hmm… So to spice up her afternoon, (NØ) decided to go the the art gallery and because she found it so exciting decided to share it with you!

Les Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais programmed an exposition named “Picasso Mania”, which is running until February 29, 2016. What makes this retrospective unique is the fact that it took seven (long) years for exhibition curators to come back after the famous “Picasso and the masters”, and decided to take a different angle … showing how Picasso work did influence other artists this time. Some of those artists actually welcome you directly at the entrance of the expo hall, and share their personal stories about Picasso :

Exposition Picasso Mania aux Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais. Vidéos d'artistes.

And because she is not an art critic, (NØ) will not comment the work of art but will simply share and let you discover the expo through some photos…

Follow the guide !

Equipo Crónica. Hommage à Picasso, 1966-1975.

Around the “The Young Ladies of Avignon” :

André Raffray. Les Demoiselles d'Avignon de Picasso. 1988.

Richard Prince. Untitled Picasso. 2011

Robert Colescott. Les Demoiselles d'Alabama. 1985.

And the “Woman in a Hat with Pompoms and a Printed Blouse” ?

Pablo Picasso. Buste de femme au chapeau. 1962.

Andy Warhol. Head (After Picasso) Numero III. 1985

Andy Warhol. Head (After Picasso). Numero 13 et 5. 1985

(NØ) recommends you to hurry and discover this mise en abîme from the great Pablo.  Avoid to queue outside and book your ticket online here. And to educate yourself prior the expo or simply get a refresh before diving into the wonderful world of Picasso and its disciples, have a look at Picasso’s wikipedia page. And if you just wanna relax, simply go there and take a fresh look at the painting. Enjoy the tour!

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