8 February 2022

Hello Winter! Today (NØ) shows you how to draw a cute card to send a sweet conforting message to face the end of a cold winter… As snowdrops are coming up, (NØ) chooses to sketch those charming and delicate flowers. The first one blooming at the end of winter. Follow the quick video to draw…

Clay Light Houses


24 December 2021

Today in the northern hemisphere is the winter solstice … The sun will rise late and set early! Fortunately, this also means that soon the length of the day will begin to lengthen … Faithful to ancient and pagan traditions, which (NØ) particularly like for their traditional charm, she invites you to celebrate the return…

Pompon Header


31 October 2019

Wouh !! To get a pinch of joy in your dully autumn days, (NØ) gives you the receipe for a quick DIY. Really easy to make (also -or especially- with children) but nevertheless amusing… How to create woollen pompoms with just a piece of cardboard and a pair of scissors… Material : To make your…

BoHo Macramé Header


7 August 2019

This is summer holydays… For the lucky ones, it is now time to relax, take some days off, enjoy sunlight, dream a bit, in short, optimize your chance to be creative again! (NØ) covers today the basics of Macramé. A very simple and light DoItYourself since you would not need to carry a lot of…

Origami Box Header


25 June 2019

Ouhlalaaaaaaa…………. Super eaaaaazyyy -you can even do it with the kids which makes it even funnier! Today, (NØ) has prepared a little playful & colored DIY because it’s a good way to celebrate summer and also just because it’s fun. Do you have a curious mind ? Check it out : You actually do not…


19 January 2017

A “quick and easy” DIY to wish those you love a happy new year ! Today, (NØ) shows you a little papercraft-DIY fast to do and easy to make … To make your greeting cards, you need : – A collection of nice printed paper from your favorite colors… – Ecru drawing paper. – Awl to mark the…


7 January 2017

The pretty Christmas tree is a bit tired, the little crib’s figures are back in the storage boxes and the presents are not anymore in the front of the warming fireplace… Christmas is over… January is always a bit sad for (NØ)… So to get up again, here is a deco-DIY to get happiness back…



12 August 2016

After some very loooong working weeks, (NØ) is finally on holidays… She is ready for some fun… Nothing better than friends for a few laughing moments ! And there you go, she decides to create some fun-companions made of paper ! A string of Harlequins inspired by vintage Jumping Jacks, a DIY for (young) kids too ! TO make…

Carnets de voyage header


9 June 2016

When (NØ) heads off on an adventure, she loves to keep aside some charming souvenirs, a “near-great” photo, a carousel token, writen or drawn first-impression or a nice candy wrapper, all in a pretty notebook she can open later on for a travel by thought… Despite the cloudy weather, the “sunny” days



24 May 2016

Hum Hum Hum… Mother’s day is coming, soooon… An idea… What do to ? With three little silver tubes, a piece of chain and a few black pearls, (NØ) restyles the famous noodle-necklace she used to tinker as a child and concocts now a simple “in no time” graphic necklace !! To make the necklace, you will…