A “quick and easy” DIY to wish those you love a happy new year ! Today, (NØ) shows you a little papercraft-DIY fast to do and easy to make …

  • To make your greeting cards, you need :

How to make DIY greeting cards for new year. Tools needed

– A collection of nice printed paper from your favorite colors…
– Ecru drawing paper.
– Awl to mark the folds.
– A bone folding tool.
– A cutter.
– Some paper glue.
– A pencil.
– A pretty pen.
– A ruler.

  • To Make The Card :

DIY Greeting Card : Small Envelops in paper

1. Make the envelops. Cut a 7x7cm (2.75×2.75-in) square, mark the center. Fold  two tips to the center as shown on the picture above. Refold the third tip up. Fold the left triangle back inside. Glue. Fold the last tip. Start all over again as many time as you wish !

Write some nice words for your wishes

2. Fold a piece of drawing paper (A6 format, which represent a folded A5, which is a half A4…). Cut the small cards to be placed inside the envelops that you just created. Write your little words …

Home Made Greeting cards in paper with colored envelops

3. Stick the little envelops at the front of the card. Slip your greetings inside your envelops !

You’re done!!

Slip the best wishes inside your DIY envelops

Step-by-Step: Greeting cards papercraft DIY

What about you ? How are you going to share your new year greetings?

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