27 August 2019

Not a DIY this time, just a touristic walk… Do you think (NØ) had a ride in the Farwest ? Nop… She went to the well named “Colorado Provençal”. Former ocher industrial zone, this area offers vibrant and unseen landscapes to the visitors. To learn more about this site (first learn french…) then follow the…


15 June 2019

Today (NØ) invites you to discover the very traditional technique of goldwork… Goldwork is a fine and meticulouse technique of needle embroidery traditionally used to attire liturgic, military and royal clothes and objects. Nowadays, it is used in Haute-Couture, luxury watchmaking, design and interior decoration.


20 November 2017

Since end of August, right after summer holidays, (NØ) has been returning to school… Every morning, she goes to  the prestigious school of art embroidery “Lesage” located downtown Paris. Joined by her classmates coming from all around the world (Ireland, Venezuela, Germany, Japan, Argentina, Belgium, China, Russia, South Korea…), (NØ) learns, step by step, from…


5 April 2017

Yes, it’s true, (NØ) completely abandoned the blog for few months… Too much work, too much travels, too much emotions and things to do, think, organize… And above all not enough time… But yep, it’s time to go on ! (NØ) is back and trying to get forgiven for her too long absence she invites…

Header Trésors Anciens


2 October 2016

Opening big boxes which contain slightly smaller boxes, which also hold other little boxes, including tiny ones, and many surprises… This is how (NØ) while doing some cleaning in vain found out those three treasures coming from another time.. A knitting book with a non classical cover… A wooden case to store


28 July 2016

(NØ) loves to tell stories, you know it… With images, words, drawings but also in music… And humming with… Thumbs… Hmm… What a whimsical idea ! But, yes, you can do it using this little music instrument that you can almost carry in the pocket ! This “thumb piano” can be called by different names depending on where you…

Header Video Camera Vintage Agfa with case


16 June 2016

(NØ) would have loved to be underwater archeologist… But since her daily job does not require her to wear a wetsuit, she fancy going for some treasure hunting while exploring her closet, looking for some buried treasure, not in the sand but behind pile of lavender linen … And here is what (NØ) has recently resurfaced… Come on board…

Nantes Château des Ducs de Bretagne Header


26 April 2016

Ouhlalalalala………….. (NØ) has (slightly) neglected the blog lately, because she had to “leave” but she did not forget you and kept you in her mind ! Today she gives you some pictures of a walk in Nantes… Follow (NØ) on the battlements of the “Château des Ducs de Bretagne” ! Oh, a castle can be such a beauty…

Eugène Delacroix Header


15 March 2016

A sunday walk in a sunny Paris… (NØ) brings you to the home of the famous artist Eugène Delacroix. You know, the painter of « La Mort de Sardanapale » (« The Death of Sardanapalus »), « Les scènes des Massacres de Scio » (« The Massacre at Chios »), « La Nature morte aux Homards » (« Still Life with Lobsters ») or

Monaco Sea Sight


19 February 2016

There are days backwards shining. Arid blazes and wizened landscapes. Corrupted tenderness or paper propellers. Thunderbolts on the finger, muddy skies filaments. Upwards silver rockets and emasculated madder flowers. Hands full of fears or blue mornings in Vienna. Transparent Bohemian nights