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8 February 2016

Last Sunday, cloudy outside, cloudy inside, (NØ) was moaning… Hmm… So to spice up her afternoon, (NØ) decided to go the the art gallery and because she found it so exciting decided to share it with you! Les Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais programmed an exposition named “Picasso Mania”,

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2 February 2016

(NØ) has, of course, a lot of (bad) flaws… Amongst others, she is really gourmande and LOVES crêpes !! Fortunately, in France, once a year, we celebrate Candlemas (the well named Crêpe-Day!) so (NØ) shares with you her recipe for softy-tasty-clumsy crêpes ! You will need : 20cl Milk + 100gr Sugar + 300gr Flour…

Illustration petite fille portant ballon gonflable

( (NØ)’S ADVENTURE #02 )

1 January 2016

May this New Year that today begins be light and quietend, gently creative, full of small pleasures, great joy and a bit of “Folie Douce”, futilely poetic and bright… (NØ), a head full of cute small projects cannot wait to (well) start this New Year with you… As a first good resolution (to be hold),…

Illustration petite fille sur ligne, portant un ballon coloré

( (NØ)’S ADVENTURE #01 )

31 December 2015

While waiting for Christmas Eve to come, here is a little animated surprise! Some pencil strokes, some sketched words, some colour stains, a (NØ) narrative line… To be continued… (NØ) catches some suspended air chunk to metamorphose winter’s frozen fog, waiting for the light to come. (NØ) wishes you a merry Christmas…

Travailleuse Meuble Couture Vintage


29 December 2015

Sky is dark… Quite normal after all, this is Paris. But no time to get bored!! So let’s go quietly explore every corner of this beautiful & vintage sewing table. A legacy of (NØ) super-Granny that seats next to her. Follow the guide: Quick look to see what’s inside! Scissors corner… Needles, crochets and embroidery…

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28 December 2015

One of those foggy mornings. I once again wake up, the head full of crazy thoughts, some small, some big, a few dotted ones, plenty twisted, whimsical or nice, kind or hairy, somehow sensible, and a lot of those thoughts which spin! I start bouncing, it tingles, but I am alone in the living room. Sad….