One of those foggy mornings. I once again wake up, the head full of crazy thoughts, some small, some big, a few dotted ones, plenty twisted, whimsical or nice, kind or hairy, somehow sensible, and a lot of those thoughts which spin! I start bouncing, it tingles, but I am alone in the living room. Sad. Then I realize, how unfortunate it is, not being able to share those ideas, not being able to plant those seeds of fantasy that could grow and expend…
Sew, Weave and Embroider
SEW – Weave – embroider
Fold, cut and Glue
fold – cut – glue
Draw, Ink and Colour
draw – ink – colour

Everything is in order… But here I come… Here I am… With you ! And if you want to know why (NØ)NARRATIVE-LINES”, come, look around and read this.

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