Sky is dark… Quite normal after all, this is Paris. But no time to get bored!! So let’s go quietly explore every corner of this beautiful & vintage sewing table. A legacy of (NØ) super-Granny that seats next to her.

Follow the guide:

Sewing table in dark wood, white background Quick look to see what’s inside!

Sewing table with doors open Scissors corner…

Sewing table with Scissors corner Needles, crochets and embroidery tools corner…

Needles, crochets and embroidery tools corner ... What’s underneath ?

Sewing table fully opened Darning thread, embroidery ribbons, thread, yarn, string for wrapping, snap fasteners, fabric samples…

Darning thread, embroidery ribbons, thread, yarn Snap fasteners Fabric samples ... Our vintage sewing table Did you enjoy the tour?


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