(NØ) would have loved to be underwater archeologist… But since her daily job does not require her to wear a wetsuit, she fancy going for some treasure hunting while exploring her closet, looking for some buried treasure, not in the sand but behind pile of lavender linen … And here is what (NØ) has recently resurfaced… Come on board and join us in our fantastic time travel journey.

Here is a Movex – Movestar camera, 8mm, produced in 1958 by Agfa, pretty and nicely protected in her original leather case !

Vintage camera Agfa Movex - Movestar 8mm, original leather case Continuing in our vintage journey, here is a Semflex, a little photographic camera, rather light, produced in France between 1949 and 1959 and made by “la Société des Établissements Modernes de Mécanique (la SEM)”. The model below is a TLR, Twin Lens Reflex, that work together to allow photographers to take photos with one lens and use the other lens as a viewfinder.

SEMFLEX Photographic camera vintage publicity (Twin Lens Reflex)

Semflex Vintage Camera The flip-up hood contains the viewfinder. The focusing screen included can be a bit disturbing at first since it flips the image horizontally.

Photographic camera, SEMFLEX double lenses This camera used photographic films of 120 or 220 that includes 12 images in 6×6.

Photographic camera Vintage films of 120 or 220 Now time to close the case and travel to our next destination (don’t forget your travel journal)!

Photographic camera vintage, brown leather case A simplified version of this modele carries the sweet name of “joie de vivre”…

Heading off on a new adventure? Have a look at (NØ)  sweet and simple DIY to make your own travel diary and keep all your souvenirs from your walk along the sea !

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