Gift labels for birthday and Christmas

( WRAP ME #01 )

29 December 2015

Graphic wrapping? So easy !! Download and print our black & white gift wrapping kit to create stylish & graphic christmas wrapping and set your gift apart! Download the pdf file here. Simply print the graphic pattern on a as thin as possible paper and the gift tags on a heavier paper. Cut, wrap, glue, tie up and voilà…

Header Calendrier de l'Avent en papier


29 December 2015

Welcome to the (not always marvellous) world of icosahedron, hexahedron and other dodecahedron, or how to make the geometry from Platon attractive and fun by creating an Advent Calendar! But no need to go over the basics,  (NØ) has your back and just prepared a nice & sweet pdf document to be downloaded here.

Grue japonaise avec grelot


28 December 2015

A lovely and melodious good luck charm with next to nothing : two or three pieces of pretty paper, some beads, some thread, a little bell… What you will need to make your origami good lucky charm: – 1 piece of Washi patterned paper 3x3in. – 1 piece of Washi plain paper 3x3in. (If you do not have Washi paper…