This is summer holydays… For the lucky ones, it is now time to relax, take some days off, enjoy sunlight, dream a bit, in short, optimize your chance to be creative again! (NØ) covers today the basics of Macramé. A very simple and light DoItYourself since you would not need to carry a lot of material and your bag will not be overloaded ! (NØ) thinks of you !

Get your supplies together :

Macrame Supplies

– Scissors
– Some cord, thin rope (cotton, hemp, linen…) or a ball of twine or knitting thread… The choice is yours, depending on your project and the width of the cord.
– A thin stick, a nice little wooden branch would actually do the job!

Macramé, Lark’s Head Knot :

Here is how to position the cord against the stick. Follow the step-by-step :

Larks Head Knot 01
Larks Head Knot 02
Larks Head Knot 03
Larks Head Knot 04

Macramé, Half Hitch Knot :

Here is one of the most popular Macramé knot… Follow the tour !

Half Hitch Knot 01
Half Hitch Knot 02
Half Hitch Knot 03
Half Hitch Knot 04
Half Hitch Knot 05

Macramé, Square Knot:

Now the third knot you will need to start your Summer Macramé !

Square Knot 01
Square Knot 02
Square Knot 03
Square Knot 04
Square Knot 05
Square Knot 06
Square Knot 07

BoHo Macramé :

Here are some examples of macramé you will be able to make using the three basic knots we have just discovered !

Macramé Square Knot Ideas 01
ssome Square Knots loosely binded
Boho Macramé Square Knot Idea 02
Tighten Square Knots
BoHo Macramé Half Hitch Knot Ideas
Ideas using Half Hitch Knots
BoHo Macramé Tresses
Here are some ideas to braid 4 or 6 threads together

Et voilà !! You know the three basic knots to start a cute little Macramé project for the summer… Key chain, hanging basket or planter, there is no limit !! Share with us your summer creation !

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