Ouhlalaaaaaaa…………. Super eaaaaazyyy -you can even do it with the kids which makes it even funnier! Today, (NØ) has prepared a little playful & colored DIY because it’s a good way to celebrate summer and also just because it’s fun. Do you have a curious mind ? Check it out :

You actually do not need a lot to make your little paper boxes :

Origami-Box Supplies

– Colored papers… Plainty of nice little papers, origami papers are ideal, but it can work with any type of paper: colored, patterned, mettalic… as long as it is not too thick!
(NØ) has selected some 70’s style little papers…
– Cisors or cutter, to squared the paper !
– A pencil.
– A ruler.
– Un bone folder (optional).

Follow the illustrated steps below to build the little Origami boxes :

Origami Box Step 1
Origami Box Step 2
Origami Box Step 3
Origami Box Step 4
Origami Box Step 5
Origami Box Step 6
Origami Box Step 7
Origami Box Step 8
Origami Box Step 9

To make the top, fold again while leaving 4 or 5 mm empty at the center at step 5. The most important is to clearly marked the folds so that everything fits nicely.

Origami Box Done !

Here is the little family :

What if the family was leaving for a trip ?

Origami Box Travel

Another one for the ride ?

Origami Box On the Gooooo!!!

Oh! Look ! Our Origami boxes are dancing on their own!

Origami Box Animation

Et voilà! Now your turn to “play” 😉

If you want to continue your folding activity, have a look here… (NØ) shares with you how to make a japanese good-luck charm!

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