Wouh !! To get a pinch of joy in your dully autumn days, (NØ) gives you the receipe for a quick DIY. Really easy to make (also -or especially- with children) but nevertheless amusing… How to create woollen pompoms with just a piece of cardboard and a pair of scissors…

Material :

Pompom Material

To make your Pompons you’ll need :
– Some Wool
– A pair of scissors
– A pencil
– A piece of soft Cardboard
– Something to trace circles (compass, small round objects, glasse, cup, tiny plate…)

Pompom Steps :

Pompom Behind the Scene

Really Quick&Easy !! Follow the guide !!

Pompom Tracing

– With your compass or the small objects you choose, trace two circles of same size.
– In the center of those circles, trace two smaller circles.
– Cut all around and hollow the center out.
Depending of the size of your circles, your pompoms will be bigger or fluffier… Give it a try !!

Pompom Steps

The rest is really easy :
1. Overlay the two cardboard “donuts”. Cut a long piece of yarn et form a small clew. Enlace the cardboard passing this clew through the hole.
2. Continue untill the hole is completely full of yarn.
3. Cut the threads as shown on the picture. Place a piece of yarn between the two cardboard pieces. Tie tight. Tie tight again.
4. Cut the “donuts”. take them away. Trim the Pompom !

Voilà !!

Pompom Done

Guess what (NØ) will do with her Pompom……… And you ? How will you use yours ?

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