The pretty Christmas tree is a bit tired, the little crib’s figures are back in the storage boxes and the presents are not anymore in the front of the warming fireplace… Christmas is over… January is always a bit sad for (NØ)… So to get up again, here is a deco-DIY to get happiness back home !

  • To do it yourself…

DIY and tools to make a paper wreath

– Templates that (NØ) drew for you, to be downloaded here and printed.
– Ecru drawing paper.
– Bristol paper.
– Shiny paper and other decorative paper…
– Crepe paper or matching ribbon.
– Paper Glue.
– Thin scissors.
– Cutter.
– A little bit of twine.
– A small pen.
– Few pins.
– Some colored pompoms.
– Polystyrene wreath.

  • How to make the wreath ?

Polystyrene wreath with colored ribbon and paper

1. Cut 1 inch (2,5cm) stripes of crepon paper. Wrap it around the polystyrene wreath. Glue step by step. Alternatively, do the same with a ribbon !

Holly branches and leaves in paper for decoration

 2. Print and cut the branches and holly leaves templates. Cut in the different papers 15 large branches, 40 average ones, 15 small ones, 4 large holly and 5 small holly leaves. Cut out the vein in the leaves using a cutter.

Make your own wreath with holly paper branches and leaves

 3. Pin the branches all around the wreath, disposing them harmoniously.

Paper wreath with holly leaves and colored pompoms

4. Pin the holly leaves inbetween. Stick the small colored pompoms.

Et voilà… Hang ! It’s decorated !

Polystyrene wreath with paper leaves and branches

Learn how to make a DIY wreath in paper and polystyrene

Flower wreath in DIY Paper

Of course, you can change the colors and patterns… And you ? How are you going to decorate January ?

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