“Put on your slippers”… Who has never heard this sentence as a child? To tell you the truth, since then, (NØ) hates slippers and any other soft shoes with a passion… That is it… But… Sometimes her guests have (freezing) cold feet ! So (NØ) decided to make some cute fabric slippers just for them ! Have a look at how she creates them !

  • To make your home-sweet slippers, you will need:

How to make homemade slippers – Some cotton fabric and quilt or already quilted cotton.
– Matching bias.
– Sewing and tacking thread.
– Fabric scissors.
– Sewing needle.
– Sewing machine.
– Few pins.
– 1 marking pen (water erasable) or tailor chalk.
– Optional, if like (NØ) you would like to customize your slippers and make them recognizable, you will need some embroidery floss and an embroidery needle !
– Sewing patterns, for making small and large slippers, including shoe sole and top, to be downloaded here.

  • How to sew the bias? Follow (NØ)‘s instructions:

Sewing the bias for slippers 1. Open the bias and place it edge to edge with the fabric. Machine sew it in the crease.
2. Fold along the stitching (The stitching is inside the bias) and fold again the bias on top of the fabric as shown on the picture above.
3. Turn the fabric over and sew the other side of the bias, hand sewing or using your sewing machine.

  • Now the slippers :

Slippers Cut 1. Download slipper’s patterns here.  They exist in two sizes. One for women, one for men. Don’t forget that most of us have two feet …
Print the patterns and trace on the quilted-cotton using the marking pen. Add 1cm (or 0.4in) sewing allowance all around. Cut.

Monting Bias 1 - Homemade slippers in coton 2. Place the bias on the slipper’s tops as shown on the picture, following the steps above.

Assembling the bias for our cotton slippers 3. Place the tops over the shoes soles. Pin it, optionally tack and machine sew.

Sewing Bias 2 - Sew the shoe sole 4. Set a piece of bias matching the size of the sole. Sew the two sides together in order to make a circle.

Sewing Bias 2 5. Place the bias all around the sole, tack it if required (this can be useful for the curved lines in front of the slippers where there are two pieces of fabric to be sewn together).

And yes, that is it !

Sweet Home Made White Cotton Slippers with embroidery Yippee, just for the blog, (NØ) puts on her sweet-home slippers !

Homme sweet Slippers And you, what is your favorite “cocooning” toy ?



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