(NØ) is often late because she is always too busy mingling with a bit of draught and pieces of clouds or because she gets a bit lost on the (various) fantastic paths that cross her imagination (and winter time does not help with all this fog… even on those roads…). So yes, (NØ)‘s 2016 calendar only happens to come now!! To seek forgiveness, she has a surprise in craft shop store… To be release on Monday !

  • To make your 2016 calendar, you need :

Tools for creating our 2016 paper calendar – A printer.
– Some pretty paper, rather tick (> 180gr).
– 1 ruler.
– 1 Cutter.
– 1 awl.
– 1 knitting needle.
– Some string.
– Colour tools… Pencils, Watercolours, Gouaches…
– The calendar template to download here and print.

  • Follow the steps:

Steps for creating our 2016 paper calendar 1. Print calendar pages on pretty paper. To print on A5 format, which is the original format of this calendar, go to your print settings and set to “actual size” and not “adjusted / fit to page” (If you choose “Adjusted / fit to page”, the calendar will be printed in A4 format). Equipped with your “laser” cutter, cut out along the cutting-lines.
2. Using your awl, mark holes at 1cm (0.4-inch) from the border, as shown on the picture above.
3. Customize the calendar, colour it, redraw it, watercolour it… One page, two pages, three pages… All pages…Up to you!
4. Sort calendar pages in the right order. Using your knitting needle, pass the thread through the holes. Tie. Hang.

  • That’s over! And it’s pretty!

2016 paper calendar hanging 2016 Calendar - Illustration Month of March 2016 Calendar - Illustration Month of October 2016 Calendar - Illustration Month of April (NØ) loves the month of November, because this is her birthday, the month of December, because – as a good girl – she gets a tons of Christmas gifts, and the month of April, because with Spring season coming, she can jump in puddles… Ooh… And also the month of June due to lemon sorbet she loves to eat… What about you, any preferred month?

Discover the little surprise (NØ) has prepare for you ! Have a look here !


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