27 August 2019

Not a DIY this time, just a touristic walk… Do you think (NØ) had a ride in the Farwest ? Nop… She went to the well named “Colorado Provençal”. Former ocher industrial zone, this area offers vibrant and unseen landscapes to the visitors. To learn more about this site (first learn french…) then follow the…

BoHo Macramé Header


7 August 2019

This is summer holydays… For the lucky ones, it is now time to relax, take some days off, enjoy sunlight, dream a bit, in short, optimize your chance to be creative again! (NØ) covers today the basics of Macramé. A very simple and light DoItYourself since you would not need to carry a lot of…



18 July 2019

Today (NØ) shares with you some of her embroidery secrets… Some simple yet effective ways to get a neat and steady work when you decide to hand-embroidered “something” ! The embroidery basic supplies : – Dressmaker Carbon Paper : it is used to transfer the pattern onto the fabric. Prefer a white paper if your…

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25 June 2019

Ouhlalaaaaaaa…………. Super eaaaaazyyy -you can even do it with the kids which makes it even funnier! Today, (NØ) has prepared a little playful & colored DIY because it’s a good way to celebrate summer and also just because it’s fun. Do you have a curious mind ? Check it out : You actually do not…


15 June 2019

Today (NØ) invites you to discover the very traditional technique of goldwork… Goldwork is a fine and meticulouse technique of needle embroidery traditionally used to attire liturgic, military and royal clothes and objects. Nowadays, it is used in Haute-Couture, luxury watchmaking, design and interior decoration.


23 May 2019

Hurry, hurry, hurry, need an idea for upcoming mother-day … Not much time? Late to find a decent gift ? (NØ) shows you how to make a nice crochet pouch in two-hours time. Ready ? Let’s get started ! To crochet the pouch, you will need : – Some pretty Raffia.– A Hook size 5mm.–…


20 November 2017

Since end of August, right after summer holidays, (NØ) has been returning to school… Every morning, she goes to  the prestigious school of art embroidery “Lesage” located downtown Paris. Joined by her classmates coming from all around the world (Ireland, Venezuela, Germany, Japan, Argentina, Belgium, China, Russia, South Korea…), (NØ) learns, step by step, from…


5 April 2017

Yes, it’s true, (NØ) completely abandoned the blog for few months… Too much work, too much travels, too much emotions and things to do, think, organize… And above all not enough time… But yep, it’s time to go on ! (NØ) is back and trying to get forgiven for her too long absence she invites…


15 March 2017

Come over, today (NØ) reveals the “behind the scene” to make a pretty-cosy newborn-gift… Soft and colorful, this sweet blanket will keep your baby warm during the spring nights ! To make your baby blanket, you need : – A cute collection of soft fabric, printed, plain and matched. – Sewing thread. – Some pins. – Fabric Scissors. –…


19 January 2017

A “quick and easy” DIY to wish those you love a happy new year ! Today, (NØ) shows you a little papercraft-DIY fast to do and easy to make … To make your greeting cards, you need : – A collection of nice printed paper from your favorite colors… – Ecru drawing paper. – Awl to mark the…