Come over, today (NØ) reveals the “behind the scene” to make a pretty-cosy newborn-gift… Soft and colorful, this sweet blanket will keep your baby warm during the spring nights !

  • To make your baby blanket, you need :

Tutorial on how to make a DIY baby blanket - Material to be used

– A cute collection of soft fabric, printed, plain and matched.
– Sewing thread.
– Some pins.
– Fabric Scissors.
– Iron.
– Sewing machine or just a needle with a looot of patience.
– Thimble.
– Measuring ribbon.
– Ruler and pencil.

  • To sew the blanket :

Bunch of assorted fabrics

1. Choose a bunch of assorted fabrics and bring them together according to your taste !

Photo of assorted fabrics to make your newborn blanket

2. Following the patchwork rules, prepare your fabrics squares to be sewed together…

Preparation of fabric squares

3. Start by assembling the half-square-triangles and trim to the right dimension.

Assembling of the half-square-triangles

4. Build the patchwork squares… Iron the seams open  !

5. Once you are done with the top, bring the three layers together (top, batting and lining) to make the quilt sandwich.

Top, batting and lining sandwich

6. Ready ? Quilt !

Et voilà !!

Et voilà, here is our DIY baby colorful quilt

This punchy quilt took off from Paris to land on the other side of the Rhine to welcome the little Jonathan… What about you ? How do you like quilts ?

Need inspiration for a baby gift?  Have a look here !!

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