Idées de personnalisation Famille Nuigurumi


29 December 2015

Our cuddly toys family gets bigger and better… As promised, (NØ) is excited to spread some jolly ideas to give your nuigurumi-s a unique style!! What you will need is just a grain of imagination combined with a touch of fantasy to give life to your little stuffed characters. There are soft…

Nuigurumi Header


29 December 2015

(NØ) likes to tell fun and a bit crazy stories… But to do so,  (NØ) needs some characters… Let’s get started with a piece of pretty felt, embroidery cotton, a piece of cloud to stuff the puppets and here you go with japanese-style cuddly light toys called nuigurumi… ぬいぐるみ … Here is what you will need : – 1 piece…