8 March 2016

(NØ) is sometime miles away, sunny head and feet in the clouds… So she often misses things… The white thread bobbin… Her favorite golden scissors… The thimble (the right one…) Or her sewing-needles, and surprisingly enough, there is no haystack around ! Being tired of sticking “wanted notices” 

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4 March 2016

Here we are again for a traditional hand-embroidery stitch class… A little while ago, (NØ) went back to school to offer you the top 10 hand-embroidery stitches you must know. Today, (NØ) is excited to share with you three new hand-embroidery stitches to add to your embroidery notebook. Step by stitch step, it’s easy,

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25 February 2016

“Put on your slippers”… Who has never heard this sentence as a child? To tell you the truth, since then, (NØ) hates slippers and any other soft shoes with a passion… That is it… But… Sometimes her guests have (freezing) cold feet ! So (NØ) decided to make some cute fabric slippers just for them ! Have a look at how she…

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26 January 2016

Today is a special day as (NØ) goes back to school, but not a random school ! She goes back to stitch-school to offer you ten hand-embroidery stitches you must know ! Step by stitch step, it’s easy, have a look at the images and pretty illustrations that (NØ), as a good student, prepared for you ! To get…

Pochette grise cousue main


11 January 2016

In France, January celebrates the “mois du blanc” (popular French season around what is here called “blanc”: household textiles), so (NØ) decided to create a sewing DIY to make nice and white (or not!) embroidered (or not!) fabric-bags…  You will be able to slip anything into it. Napkins, handkerchiefs or doilies to match

Idées de personnalisation Famille Nuigurumi


29 December 2015

Our cuddly toys family gets bigger and better… As promised, (NØ) is excited to spread some jolly ideas to give your nuigurumi-s a unique style!! What you will need is just a grain of imagination combined with a touch of fantasy to give life to your little stuffed characters. There are soft…

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29 December 2015

(NØ) likes to tell fun and a bit crazy stories… But to do so,  (NØ) needs some characters… Let’s get started with a piece of pretty felt, embroidery cotton, a piece of cloud to stuff the puppets and here you go with japanese-style cuddly light toys called nuigurumi… ぬいぐるみ … Here is what you will need : – 1 piece…