(NØ) invites you to go “back to basics” of handembroidery. Thought for enthusiastic beginners as well as for trained embroiderers who want to perfect their technical skills… Here the third stitch, one of (NØ)’s favourite : The stem stitch, beautiful and changeling !

The stem stitch, as well as the running stitch (tutorial here) or the backstitch (tutorial here) is one of the linear-stitch family. You can use them as they are or add some embroidery on top of them to create more relief or colourful effects. This stitch is used to draw straight or curved lines as flowers stems. It can also be used as a filling stitch for small surfaces or as a padding stitch !

Stem Stitch

Point de Tige, description technique

1. Take the needle out in A, on the right side of the fabric.

2. Get down in B et out again in C right between A and B.

3. Get down again in D et out in B. Repeat !

Point de Tige, Etape 01
Point de Tige, étape 02
Point de Tige, étape 03

Et voilà ! The stitches have to be the same length, unless you are embroidering a really curvy line, they then should be a little bit shorter to get a beautiful free-flowing line. And if you are using Cotton or Silk floss, vary the number of thread you use…

Point de Tige Joli
Point de Tige, Détails

Your turn ! Do not hesitate to ask if you have any question ! (NØ) will try to answer them as precisely as possible !

If you want to step further, (NØ) recommands you to have a look on this article ( TIPS & TRICKS ), where she reveals you some of her professional secrets…


  • sorry, but your black and white illustrations are confusing. i’ve looked at several of your pages. it would be better to see actual photos of you doing the stitches. beautiful website (and work!) though. i have several friends who also avoid stitch books that only give black and white illustrations. it takes forever to figure out what’s going on in the images, and if you go to a site that shows the images, you get it instantly.

  • I am so delighted I found your website! I’m making my daughter in law tea towels and it has been a while since I embroidery! It is nice to see the stitches! Great help!!!

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