Is it back-to-school time ? New publishing season ? Ah !! (NØ) knows that you will absolutely devour ALL the new books selected by our adventurous publishers and invite you to make your own cute linen bookmarks… And you would probably need them just in case you are like (NØ), starting various novels all at the same time ! In a previous blog post, (NØ) made you guess what those embroidered flowers could become… Here is a flowering way to extend summer season !!

Material needed to make embroidered bookmarks :

Matériel pour les marque-pages

Here is what you need to make your bookmarks :
– Nice little fabrics or homemade fabrics that you have already decorated with cute embroidered patterns… If you need some inspiration or a little refresh, (NØ) shares some classical needle embroidery stitches here et there! And Here, (NØ) gives you some professional advises that she tooks from her experiences in the most prestigious Haute-Couture ateliers in Paris.
– Fabric scissors
– Paper scissors
– A pencil and a ruler
– A sheet of Bristol paper or thin cardboard
– Thread matching the colour of your fabric
– A needle or sewing machine
– Iron

Preparing fabric and cardboard :

Préparation des tissus pour les marque-pages

1. On the selected fabric, mark two rectangles of size 16,5 cm x 4,5 cm (6.5 inches x 1.75 inches), add a sewing allowance of 1,5cm (0.6 inch) all around the bookmark. Cut.
2. Mark a rectangle of 16,5 cm x 4,5 cm (6.5 inches x 1.75 inches) on the Bristol paper or cardboard. Cut.

Sewing bookmarks :

Couture des marque-pages

3. Place the two fabrics right side against right side, sew on three sides leaving one side open. You can use a sewing machine or a needle if you do not have a sewing maching available.
4. Iron all seams open.
5. Turn over the fabric bookmark. Iron again.

Here is one bookmark :

Cartonnage des marque-pages

6. Insert the Bristol paper or the soft cardboard inside the fabric “pocket”.

Finishing the bookmark :

Finitions du marque-page

7. Fold the sewing allowance inside.
8. Hand sew the remaining open side to close the bookmark.
Tadaaaaaaa ! Ready for your reading session !!

Marque-page fleur
Marque-page chardon
Marque-page pour prolonger l'été
Marque-page exotique

You can create as many bookmarks as books to read… Diversifying patterns and fabrics !

(NØ) can’t wait to see your own creation ! And don’t forget to review traditional needle embroidery stitches here and there ! (NØ) is also happy to share with you some profesional embroidery tips learned in Haute-Couture Ateliers in Paris for creating beautiful embroideries.

Happy reading !

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