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26 April 2016

Ouhlalalalala………….. (NØ) has (slightly) neglected the blog lately, because she had to “leave” but she did not forget you and kept you in her mind ! Today she gives you some pictures of a walk in Nantes… Follow (NØ) on the battlements of the “Château des Ducs de Bretagne” ! Oh, a castle can be such a beauty…



6 April 2016

Let the sun shine… Let the sun shine !! Spring is here, (NØ) is so excited that she starts again to jump around in the living room (she is not allowed to jump on the bed…), to dance in the kitchen (tomato sauce can stain but that’s ok…) and sing at the top of her voice all the time (neighbors are…

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22 March 2016

In (NØ)‘s land, Easter eggs are delivered into cute little funny “bunny-head-bag” … An easy customizable DIY idea for the small ones, who will be able to decorate their bunny-pouches and a nice reward for the big ones who will enjoy the sweets inside ! What you will need : – A piece of nonwoven-fabric, that you can find at…

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15 March 2016

A sunday walk in a sunny Paris… (NØ) brings you to the home of the famous artist Eugène Delacroix. You know, the painter of « La Mort de Sardanapale » (« The Death of Sardanapalus »), « Les scènes des Massacres de Scio » (« The Massacre at Chios »), « La Nature morte aux Homards » (« Still Life with Lobsters ») or


8 March 2016

(NØ) is sometime miles away, sunny head and feet in the clouds… So she often misses things… The white thread bobbin… Her favorite golden scissors… The thimble (the right one…) Or her sewing-needles, and surprisingly enough, there is no haystack around ! Being tired of sticking “wanted notices” 

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4 March 2016

Here we are again for a traditional hand-embroidery stitch class… A little while ago, (NØ) went back to school to offer you the top 10 hand-embroidery stitches you must know. Today, (NØ) is excited to share with you three new hand-embroidery stitches to add to your embroidery notebook. Step by stitch step, it’s easy,

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25 February 2016

“Put on your slippers”… Who has never heard this sentence as a child? To tell you the truth, since then, (NØ) hates slippers and any other soft shoes with a passion… That is it… But… Sometimes her guests have (freezing) cold feet ! So (NØ) decided to make some cute fabric slippers just for them ! Have a look at how she…

Monaco Sea Sight


19 February 2016

There are days backwards shining. Arid blazes and wizened landscapes. Corrupted tenderness or paper propellers. Thunderbolts on the finger, muddy skies filaments. Upwards silver rockets and emasculated madder flowers. Hands full of fears or blue mornings in Vienna. Transparent Bohemian nights



13 February 2016

Mister (NØ) likes candies. To make him happy (Ha yes ? This is Valentine’s Day ?), (NØ) concoted him a customized candy box, the well-named “Sweet (Hum ! Or Not ! ) Box”. There is something for everyone, sugary,  salty candies (yes, you read correctly, but don’t tell anyone, he doesn’t know yet !), sour or soft, chewy or crunchy,…

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8 February 2016

Last Sunday, cloudy outside, cloudy inside, (NØ) was moaning… Hmm… So to spice up her afternoon, (NØ) decided to go the the art gallery and because she found it so exciting decided to share it with you! Les Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais programmed an exposition named “Picasso Mania”,